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CarpentryConnect South Africa,
Virtual Event in 2021.

6 - 17 September 2021

2 weeks · 2 Carpentries Workshops · 1 Carpentries Instructor Training ·
2 Networking + Learning Sessions · 1 Keynote

What is CarpentryConnect ZA 2021?

The main goal of CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021 is to build capacity for workshops through instructor training, and establish a network for the regional Carpentries community.

CarpentryConnects are community convenings, organised to bring together community members of The Carpentries that are in close proximity geographically for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking.

The first South African CarpentryConnect took place in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2018. CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021 will build on the successes of that first event, with an aim to bring together and grow the Carpentries community in South Africa even further.

The second South African CarpentryConnect will be held virtually and will bring together newer and more experienced community members to share knowledge, network, to develop new skills, and to develop strategies for building strong local communities around digital and computational literacy at universities in the country.

CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021 is designed for:
- current Carpentries community members based in Africa
- those looking to learn foundational coding and data science skills,
- those who would like to train and become Carpentries instructors,
- all interested in conducting efficient, open, and reproducible research.

Schedule for CarpentryConnect ZA 2021

Pre-Event Activities

25 January Event announced
21 June Registration for event opens
01 August Volunteers receive updates
23 August Registration Deadline for Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry and Instructor Training events
30 August Final details communicated
03 September Event reminders sent

Event Agenda Week 1

6 September, 14h00 SAST Keynote by The Carpentries Executive Director, Dr. Kari L. Jordan. Join us.
07 September, 14h00 SAST First networking session: This will be a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people in a fun, collaborative and interactive online event.
6 - 10 September Data Carpentry - R for Social Scientists Workshop.
6 - 10 September Library Carpentry Workshop.

Event Agenda Week 2

13 - 17 September Carpentries Instructor Training Workshop.
14 September, 14h00 SAST Bonus Module: Teaching Online: Are you planning to teach an online Carpentries workshop? Join us for our new Online Teaching Bonus Module for certified Carpentries Instructors! In this hands-on, interactive 3-hour workshop.
16 September, 14h00 SAST Second networking session: This will be a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people in a fun, collaborative and interactive online event.
17 September, 14h00 SAST Closing: We would like to create a space for community members to offer feedback and lessons learned on CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021 at the end of the two weeks.

We are so excited that you will join us at CarpentryConnect ZA 2021! Anyone looking to volunteer as an instructor or helper for any of the workshops and trainings at CarpentryConnect ZA 2021, please sign up or email us. If you want to register for Library Carpentry, Data Carpentry and Instructor Training workshops at CarpentryConnect ZA 2021, visit their respective websites instead, also listed below:
- Library Carpentry Workshop, 6-10 September
- Data Carpentry - R for Social Scientists Workshop, 6-10 September
- Carpentries Instructor Training Workshop, 13-17 September

Please choose the events you would like to attend, then click register.

Angelique Trusler

Angelique Trusler,
The Carpentries

Angelique, PhD (Educational Psychology), is the Regional Consultant for Southern Africa at The Carpentries. Angelique aims at developing strategies and workflows to adapt The Carpentries' membership and workshop programs to function optimally in Southern Africa. In addition, the role aims to assist and advise in developing a plan to create and support a strong team of volunteer instructors across the regions.
Find Angelique Trusler on Github and Twitter.

Martin Dreyer

Martin Dreyer,
North-West University South Africa

Martin is a Research Analyst within the Information Technology Department at the North-West University. He has a background in Computer Science and has specialised within the eResearch field for half a decade. His research interests fall within the Game Based Learning environment. He has a range of different environments that he works in, these include eResearch, The Carpentries, Research Analytics and Research Data Management. Within the Carpentries Martin is a Trainer, a Certified Carpentries Instructor, and Mentor. He also served on the Instructor Development Committee for 2 years. Find Martin Dreyer on Github and Twitter.

Mmasibidi Setaka

Mmasibidi Setaka,

Mmasibidi Setaka is a Sesotho language researcher at the South African Centre for Digital Language Resources (SADiLaR). She is passionate about her research into the digital sphere of this language as well as research in the area of lexicography. As a researcher at SADiLaR, Ms Setaka is always working on a variety of different projects within the scope of Digital Humanities and her research in lexicography for the Sesotho language. She is a Digital Humanities scholar and part of her responsibilities at SADiLaR include introducing Digital Humanities, digital methods and digital tools to the broader South African community of researchers, hosting and organising workshops in both Digital Humanities and Linguistics. She is an EXCO member for Digital Humanities of Southern Africa (DHASA), instructor at the Carpentries and honoured to be part of the organising committee for CarpentryConnect South Africa. She has organised local and international workshops including the Resources for African Indigenous Languages (RAIL) workshop which was part of LREC 2020. You can reach Mmasibidi Setaka via email and Twitter.

Sarah Schäfer

Sarah Schäfer,
University of Western Cape, South Africa

Sarah Schäfer is a Research Data Specialist and Digital Curator at the eResearch Office at the University of the Western Cape. Her background is in Digital Cultural Heritage, and she has an interest in Digital Archives, Digital Humanities, collections management and the intersection of the arts and computing. Sarah loves that the realm of digital curation draws and benefits from knowledge in diverse areas, and involves more than cursory understandings of archiving and research data – it requires theoretical understanding and practical applications of various aspects, including Open Access, data repositories, data handling, media and formats, metadata and research data management. Sarah is a founding member of the Network for Digital Humanities in Africa, and is on the Library Carpentry Advisory Group. She is also a Certified Carpentries Instructor. You can reach Sarah Schäfer via email and Twitter.

Sebastian Mosidi

Sebastian Mosidi,
North-West University South Africa

Sebastian is a Information Technology Business Analyst at the North-West University with over five-years technical experience in the Education and Retail industry. He has a great interest in Data Analytics. Sebastian is a Certified Carpentry Instructor who aims to continue growing the Carpentry community in Southern Africa. You can reach Sebastian Mosidi, via email and Twitter.

For any questions or suggestions around CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021, please email us and one of the organisers will respond as soon as possible.

Anyone looking to volunteer as an instructor or helper for any of the workshops and trainings at CarpentryConnect ZA 2021 can sign up or email us.

We also invite you to join other Carpentries community members in South Africa on any of these platforms we use.

We strive to be a supportive and welcoming environment to all attendees. We encourage you to read The Carpentries Code of Conduct as we will be enforcing it at CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021.